Splurge or Save: Why you should skip the $700 flight to Holland & attend the Burnside Farms Tulip Festival in Virginia instead. 

Spring has sprung and social media is lit with tulip festivals, flower bouquets, and blonde bloggers bouncing through fields of beautiful blooms. (How do ya like that alliteration?) For those of us who don’t live in Carlsbad, San Diego, or can’t seem to save up enough money to go to Holland (because of our current online shopping addiction), I have found a cheap, fun, and jaw-dropping solution – Burnside Farms right here in good ole’ Virginia. How I’ve lived here most of my life and never heard of this magical play land is beyond me. TBH I’m very disappointed in myself for not discovering it sooner. But when my sis and fellow blogger, Cupcake Kristie, came to town in April just in time for their “Spring Grand Opening,” we knew attending was a must.

Located in Haymarket, Va, Burnside Farms showcases over 8 acres of tulips and daffodils in the Spring, and shuts down in May to prepare for their “Summer of Sunflowers” that opens for July and August. I’m already planning my drive down/drooling over the pictures from last year – sunflowers are Stessie’s absolute fav. I also just discovered this glorious little hidden gem of a farm does Christmas trees in the winter, so basically it’s like a blogger’s outdoor dream location. With prices of only $7 for admission and $1 a flower, I’ll be sure to be back again, and again, and again.

My actual facial expression (#unposed) when we walked in – “is this Heaven?!”

#TwinTulipTime #TwinningInTulips

(Hint: For the best pictures, walk to the very back of the field and face your camera towards the front entrance. This way you get the brightest/pinkest tulips in the background without the brown rows in between! Gives the illusion of you actually sitting in a giant field of tulips – which, you basically are.)

(Also try using the “landscape” setting on your DSLR cam + “vivid” lighting to capture the bright colors!)

That’s a wrap! #TulipFestival with Cupcake Kristie & Flamingo Fotoun was a success. (Can you believe these were taken on an iPhone 7 Plus in portrait mode?!)

BONUS: If you’re coming from Leesburg (or if you just want a glass of #rosé to top off the perfect afternoon) hit up Stone Tower Winery on your way home! Just another reason to love Burnside Farms – it’s surrounded by Virginia Wine Country 😉

For more information on Burnside Farms or to see pricing and festival openings check out their website & FB Page!

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